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Mr. Todd Martinson
Todd started training in Martial Arts in 1995 under Sifu Norris Domangue, under which he earned a black belt in his Blended Martial Arts program and a black belt in Taekwondo.

Todd started training under Master Calvin Longton in 2010 and is a Master Instructor in Krav Maga (3rd Degree) and 3rd Degree black belt in Hapkido.

Todd is a retired Master Sergeant from the USAF and has a Bachelor's Degree in Management from Bellevue University.
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Mr. Wayne Tillman
Wayne is a Master Instructor and black belt in Krav Maga with certifications by Israeli Krav International, Krav Maga Training Group, and Krav Maga Association.

Wayne has studied other forms of martial arts in various places to include Haganah, grappling, and different form of knife to fighting to include the karambit.

Wayne retired from the Military after 25 years of service: starting with 5 years in the Army Reserve and then finishing out his last 20 years in the USAF.