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14+ Years Old

- Joint Locks
- Throws
- Punches
- Kicks
- Sparring
- Weapons Defense

Many students with experience in other martial arts and Black Belts are drawn to Hapkido in order to learn skills that were not part of their previous training, although prior martial arts experience is not required. The curriculum begins with basic skills and builds from there. Hapkido is a challenging and exciting art. You will develop agility, coordination, strength, endurance, flexibility and real self defense skills.

Hapkido has evolved into a dynamic and exciting art that encompasses all aspects of martial arts. From our roots in Aiki Jujutsu we have the highly evolved joint locking and throwing skills so effective in self-defense. We inherit the spectacular Korean kicking skills. We are heirs to both ancient and modern techniques honed over time and proven throughout history.  A modern art with ancient roots, Hapkido is alive and growing, relevant and responsive to the needs of today. At the pinnacle of martial arts, Hapkido is the outcome of a thousand years of martial arts progress.

We are members of the House of Discipline Martial Arts Group under Grand Master James McMurray (www.houseofdiscipline.com).
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